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How Can I Close My Account?


Receiving too many or unwanted notifications? You can deactivate all the notifications Workstaff sends you by going to the Profile / Notifications section.

To close your Workstaff worker account, please email us at

Make sure the email comes from the email address associated with your Workstaff account and contains your name as it appears on your account so that we can ensure the authenticity of your request.

When you close your Workstaff account, the following happens:

  1. The contact information (email, phone number) you use to access your account is deleted.
  2. All of your personal profile data (ex: profile picture, bio, skills, work experience, availability, etc.) is deleted.
  3. Your employers are informed that you cannot access the Workstaff mobile app anymore and can't interact with them.
  4. Your employers keep your work history, chat conversations, invoices and all other historical data they need to keep for legal and operational purposes.

When your account is closed, you will lose access to all of your work history, chat conversations, invoices (if applicable), and all other data associated to your worker account. Make sure you safely stored any important data elsewhere before requesting an account deletion.