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Clock In and Out of Shifts

The Workstaff app allows you to clock in and out of your shifts at the tip of your fingers.


Time Tracking is not available on all Workstaff plans. Depending on your employer's account, Workstaff may not allow you to clock in to all or certain shifts.

Clock In and Out

Workstaff will show Clock In and Clock Out buttons for shifts you're scheduled on the current day in a few locations:

  • On the Today page
  • In your agenda, inside the details of a shift
  • Within a small slide in drawer that appears at the bottom of main screen in any tab except Today.

About Geolocation

When you first clock in, the mobile app will request your permission to access your location while using the app.

Workstaff only captures your location at the time you punch in and at the time you punch out. Workstaff will never track your location in any other occasion, and will never actively track your location.

Moreover, you have full control on whether you attach the location data to the time entries you submit to your employer.

Pro Tip

Including your location data with your time entries really helps build trust with your employer, and it certifies you were physically on site when you actually punched in and out. Although it is optional, we highly suggest you enable geolocation and include your location info with your time entries.

Tracking Methods

Based on your employer's chosen time tracking method, you are able to track your time in the few ways listed below.

Punch Without Restrictions

You will be able to clock in and out of shifts by yourself upon arriving at the shift location, at the beginning of your shift. When opening the mobile app at the beginning of your shift, you will be instructed to clock in on the Today tab.

Punch Using a QR Code

If your employer has chosen this time tracking method, you will be instructed to scan each event’s QR code to clock in and out of shifts.

Team leads can present the QR code from their own phone, or QR codes can be printed in advance. Make sure you know how to find the QR code before starting your shift. If unsure, contact your employer.


There are two ways you can scan the QR code to clock in and out:

  • Via the Workstaff app: After tapping on Clock In/Clock Out, press Scan QR Code
  • Via your mobile phone camera app: Open your camera app, scan the QR Code and press the link in order to be redirected to the Workstaff mobile app to confirm your clock in/out.

Punch Via Your Team Lead

In this case, you will be instructed to go see a team lead in person so they can clock in and out for you, from their mobile phone.

If you are a team lead on a project, you can clock your teammates in and out by following these steps:

  1. In the Today tab, tap on Track Time
  2. At the beginning of the shift, when your teammates come to you, tap on Clock In next to their name
  3. At the end of their shift, tap on Clock out next to their name
  4. You can then submit their time entry at this very moment, or wait later.