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About Geolocation

It is common - and completely understandable - for people to have concerns on how apps use their location data, as abuses are widespread. This page's goal is to explain exactly how Workstaff uses your location and make it clear that its use is safe and fully respects your privacy.

How Workstaff uses your location data

The first time you clock in to a shift you've been assigned to, Workstaff will request permission to access your current location. Workstaff specifically requests limited access to resolve your location while you're using the app.

With this type of permission, Workstaff will never be able to actively and continuously track you. We cannot see any future use-case that would reasonably require us to actively track your position.

Once you grant the permission to Workstaff, the app will only resolve your current location when you clock in or out of shifts and never at any other moment.

Why does Workstaff request access to my position when I clock in?

Your GPS location certifies to your employer that you were physically present on location when you clocked in or out of your shift. Well, at least your phone was 🧐

How can I grant access to my one-time position after I refused it?

If you initially refused Workstaff access to your location but your employer requires it, you'll need to give back the permission to Workstaff via your phone's OS settings. This permission cannot be given back to Workstaff from within the app.

How can I revoke access to my one-time position after I accepted it?

If for any reason you want to revoke access to your GPS location, you'll need to do it in your phone's OS settings, since Workstaff cannot further request your permission once you've decided it.

Can I allow access to my location only when I choose to?

Yes! When Workstaff requests permission to access your location, you can use the Allow Once option to share your current location a single time. The next time you clock in or out of a shift, your phone will ask you for the permission again and this way you can control exactly when you share your location data.