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Communicate Your Availability

One of the first things you'll need to do after completing your profile is specifying your availabilities. This will help your manager easily book you on days you are free to work.

How To Specify Your Availability?

Specifying your availability is a simple task:

  1. Go to the Profile tab and tap on My Availability. You can also provide your availability from any day of the Agenda
  2. Select a date and specify whether you are available or not
  3. If you are available, select whether you are available All Day, during Specific Periods or during Specific Times.
Pro Tip: Specify your availability for many days

Sometimes your availability for a certain period is the same every day. Instead of specifying your availability day by day, you can instead specify your availability for a range of dates by tapping and dragging your finger to select a range of dates.

Pro Tip: Copy / Paste your availability

Another way to save time is to copy your availability from a past period into a new period.

To do so, select one or multiple days, then tap Copy at the very bottom of the screen. The availability for the selected dates will then be saved in memory. Select a range of dates where you want to paste the originally copied availability and tap Paste

Once you have specified your availability on certain dates, these dates will be highlighted as follows in your Agenda:

  • Green: Available
  • Yellow: Partially Available
  • Red: Not Available.

Set Your Availability Regularly

You should communicate your availability to your employer as regularly and with as much advance notice as possible. It'll not only help your manager better complete their schedules, but it'll also ensure you get the most chances of being selected for shifts.