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Organizing & Classifying Your Staff

Once you have created a profile for each worker, Workstaff allows you to efficiently organize and classify your staff with a variety of information detailed below.


If you are part of a complex organization and need to create distinct calendars and different teams, you can create departments in order to split your Workstaff activity into independent data silos that mimic your organizational structure.

Departments cannot yet be modified on a self-serve basis. Contact us if you'd like changes to be made to your organizational structure.


You can create tags and associate them to your staff’s profiles. Tags allow you to classify your staff and to efficiently search through your database.

In order to create tags:

  1. In the main menu, go to the Settings section
  2. Go to the Tabs section
  3. In the text tab at the bottom of the list, type your tag's name and click on Add

Once the tags are created, you can associate them to your staff profiles.


Creating skills is critical for adding shifts, searching and booking staff.
When creating a shift, the skills you have associated with each profile allow you to select staff from a list of suggestions of candidates whose skills match the position.


Your staff can add skills to their profiles on the mobile app. These skills will appear as suggestions that you can choose to keep when selecting skills in their profile.

Star Rating

You can rate each staff on a 5-star scale. See Staff Profiles for more details.

Custom Fields

You can create custom fields in order to provide additional information to your staff profiles. This facilitates searching staff according to your organization's specific reality.

You can choose from the custom field types listed below to provide the most relevant information possible to your staff profiles:

  • Yes/No: answer yes or no to the value associated with the custom field
  • Number: fill-in the field with a number
  • Single selection: select a single value from your list
  • Multiple selection: select one or more values from your list