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Managing Your Candidates

You can efficiently manage candidates, whether they come from Google Forms or if you create temporary profiles for them, making your onboarding process smoother on Workstaff. Here's a clear guide on how to do it:

Adding Candidates:

  1. Go to the Staff section and click on the Onboarding tab
  2. Click on Add Candidates to create candidate profiles
  3. Fill in the basic information required to create a profile, and then click on Add X Candidates
  4. Next, complete their profile fields as needed, and click on Complete Onboarding to transfer their profile to your permanent staff list.

Managing Google Forms Candidates:

  1. Once applicants submit their answers through your application Google Forms, candidate profiles will automatically be generated for them in the Onboarding tab of the Staff section. Additionally, you will receive notifications on Workstaff
  2. New applicants' status will be displayed as New and will switch to Onboarding once you accept their application
  3. Once their onboarding is complete, you can click on Complete Onboarding to move their profile to your permanent staff list.