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Google Forms Integration

Streamline your staff application process and onboarding with the seamless Google Forms integration of Workstaff. Request your candidates to fill out these forms to gather essential information for your organization and planning. Save time by having their profiles automatically created using the information from their form responses. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of Workstaff's integrated solution for a smoother onboarding experience.

Getting Started

  1. Reach out to our Customer Success team to activate the Google Forms addon for your Workstaff account
  2. Go to the Settings section and click on Addons
  3. Under Google Forms, click on Configure
  4. Create your application form by clicking on the + button and select the title and language
  5. Choose the specific Workstaff additional fields you want to include in the form. When applicants fill out these fields in the Google Form, the information will automatically be added to their candidate profiles in Workstaff.

Workstaff will generate a form in your Google Forms account, asking respondents for their first name, last name, email address, and any chosen additional fields. Once the form is created, you have the freedom to edit it as needed, such as adding images, changing question order, or including new questions.

Managing Forms

  1. Access the Google Form and share the link with your applicants
  2. Pause the form: This action prevents any further applicants from submitting their responses. You can later reactivate the Google Form by clicking the green button.
  3. Delete the form: If needed, you can choose to remove the form entirely.

Google Forms Addon Configuration


Information provided by candidates in response to additional questions will not be displayed in their Workstaff profiles. However, you will be able to access it through the answers collected on Google Forms and the Google Sheet generated from these answers.

Once a staff member fills out and submits the Google Form, Workstaff will create a temporary Candidate profile for them, ensuring all essential information is readily available for your staff profiles and onboarding process.