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Workstaff can calculate and remunerate overtime automatically, both daily and weekly.


When overtime rules are configured in your account, Workstaff will display warnings at relevant locations, such as the weekly calendar view or when booking staff. These warnings are designed to highlight situations where unwanted overtime would be introduced by booking a certain staff.

In weekly calendar

In the weekly calendar view, a small warning will be displayed for any staff who has overtime hours scheduled for the current week:

Combined Overtime

When booking staff

When booking staff using the Book staff button on project pages, Workstaff provides warnings if the bookings exceed the overtime limits. Hover over the warning to view details about the overtime hours. Additionally, you can click on Show differences to see the changes made by the current booking(s).
Booking Overtime

How are overtime hours calculated?

Overtime hours are always calculated based on full work weeks. These work weeks always match the First Day of Week configured in your account general settings.

To calculate overtime hours, Workstaff takes all shifts worked by a staff during a week, and applies overtime rules configured on your account. Daily overtime rules are applied first, then weekly rules. Weekly rules are always applied based on the non-overtime hours calculated daily.

This process is quite complicated and is easier to understand with examples:

Examples with daily rules

Workstaff applies daily rules independently for each day worked.

Single daily rule with limit at 8 hours per day

Hours Worked7h8h9h9h7.5h
Regular Hours7h8h8h8h7.5h
Daily Overtime @8h1h1h

Two daily rules with limit at 8 hours and 12 hours per day

Hours Worked78137.512
Regular Hours7887.58
Daily Overtime @8h44
Daily Overtime @12h1

Examples with weekly rules

Workstaff applies weekly rules based on the cumulative sum of hours worked during the week.

Single weekly rule with limit at 35 hours per week

Hours Worked8.58997.5
👉 Cumulative8.516.525.534.542
Regular Hours8.58990.5
Weekly Overtime @35h7

Two weekly rules with limits at 35 hours and 40h per week

Hours Worked8.58997.58
👉 Cumulative8.516.525.534.54250
Regular Hours8.58990.5
Weekly Overtime @35h5
Weekly Overtime @40h28

Example with both daily and weekly rules

When both daily and weekly rules are present, Workstaff first applies daily rules, then applies weekly rules.

Combined daily rule with limit at 8 hours, and weekly rule with limit at 35 hours per week

Hours Worked9810996
👉 Cumulative91727364551
Regular Hours888830
👉 Cumulative81624323535
Daily Overtime @8h1211
Weekly Overtime @35h56

Overtime remuneration

It is the Payroll module that calculates precise remuneration for hours worked in overtime. Make sure you plan includes this functionality if you wish to remunerate overtime hours.