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Configure Overtime

Workstaff can calculate and remunerate overtime automatically, both daily and weekly. When overtime rules are configured in your account, Workstaff will display warnings at relevant locations, such as the weekly calendar view or when booking staff. These warnings are designed to highlight situations where unwanted overtime would be introduced by booking a certain staff.

Setting Overtime Rules & Options

To customize the way Workstaff calculates overtime for hours worked by your team, go to Settings / Account and scroll down to the Remuneration panel.


The limits you configure here will determine when an employee starts working overtime, and how much they need to be paid in extra for hours worked in overtime. You can configure up to 2 daily rules and 2 weekly rules.

Travel time consideration

By default, calculation of overtime hours includes travel time, which means that an 8h shift with 1h of travel time will account for a total of 9h hours for the purpose of calculating overtime. You may optionally disable this behavior if needed by checking the Exclude travel time from overtime calculation setting.