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High Paying Gig Jobs in Montreal

· 2 min read
Pascal Dauchez

Whether you are a student or looking for flexibility, find out where to find well-paid gig jobs in Montreal.

As the summer nears its end, the days get shorter, the nights a little colder, we can feel it in the air, the vacation is over. It’s back to school! Returning to university for many students means buying books, supplies, laptops, transit passes and more often than not student debt.

If you are tired of working at minimum wage, even though it keeps on rising but never enough to beat the never ending inflation which has grown to unsustainable levels in the last few months, feel reassured: there are other opportunities out there!

With the end of Covid-19 restrictions, festivals, concerts, weddings, conventions, conferences are all back in action. Big and small event producers often rely on staffing agencies who have a pool of part-time candidates that they usually pay well. Supplying servers to caterers or promotional staff to hand out flyers, workers can pick their jobs, choose the location and the dates they want, giving them a lot of freedom and the remuneration often varies from $18 to $30 per hour.

Staffing agencies usually have their niches for the industries they supply but are always on the lookout for new talents with different levels of experience. If you are interested in flexible hours, good salary and participating in some the of most exciting events in Montreal, you should definitely check out some of these agencies.

Some Staffing Agencies in Montreal:

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